Suffolk PE & Sport Network

Virtual Tag Rugby Competitions 2020

The Suffolk PE & Sport Network (SPESN) is running a countywide, virtual Tag Rugby competition during the first half of the autumn term. Schools are encouraged to engage as many students as possible to complete the one of the4 different activities, either during curriculum time or after school.

Schools may complete the competition at any time before October half term, but the deadline for submitting results to the organisers is Friday 23 October.There are three age groups within the competition, Year 1&2, Year 3&4 and Year 5&6 with each having their own time limit:-

  • Year 1&2 (30 Seconds)
  • Year 3&4 (45 Seconds)
  • Year 5&6 (60 Seconds)


Each Student will need to pick ONE of the activities below to perform in their allocated time.Each level from Easy to Challenging becomes slightly harder and therefore more points are scored for performing them correctly.

Easy –1 Point: Running with a Ball–Run while holding a rugby ball with 2 hands to a marked distance of 4 meters and return to your starting point e.g. shuttle run. 1 point will be awarded every time you pass a cone with a ball in your hands. 1 scored for every 4 meters covered.

Medium –2 Points: Rugby Passing in Pairs–Find a partner, stand side on and perform a rugby style pass to them. Your Partner should be at least 3 meters away. 2 points are scored each time you and your partner complete a successful pass and catch to each other e.g. 10 completed passes will be 20 points

Hard -3 Points: Zig Zag Try–Mark out an 8-meter zig zag shuttle run, the players will need to run in and out of the cones to reach the other side with the ball. Every time players reach the end of the shuttle run,they will score a try and receive 3 points e.g. there and back is 6 points.

Challenging -4 Points: Receiving on the Move–Follow the steps of Stage 2, by keeping 3 meters apart from your partner. Run with the ball and pass it to your partner while you are both moving. 4 points are scored every time they catch the ball on the move. Top Tip: Mark out channels for this activity, if you have a limited space, players can use a smaller area.

Results must be submitted to by no later than 5:00pm on Friday 23 October. All results must be submitted on the attached spreadsheet. A score sheet is also attached for your use. Results will be published during the week commencing 2 November and awards will be distributed as soon after that date as possible.

We want to use this event as an opportunity to promote the good work that we are collectively doing across the county to keep young people active. Please take photos, record video clips and submit them to your SGO so that we can all celebrate the achievements of the young people taking part in this event!

Let your SGO know if you have any questions. Good luck!